4-Week Chakra Course

4 week (8 classes) down-to-earth Chakra Online Course for you to learn about your energy centers.

We will offer you a real life approach on the physical, mental and emotional qualities of each chakra to help you navigate your health in every day life. For each class we will start with explaining the chakra and then taking it into a connected flow to work with this energy center. Signing up for our full Chakra Flow Pass will enable you to: 1. exclusive study material for you to keep forever 2. access to all 8 streamed classes in a special learning group account for all of February. When purchasing Chakra Flow Pass we will book you into all 8 classes, send you our exclusive study material and will send you an access to our stream account after the first class has happened. We are so excited to start this journey with you!

Wednesdays and Sundays at 18:30

Wed – Vinayasa Flow w/ Aleks

Sun – Slow Flow w/ Melissa

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