Alisa Reimer from Soneiro Collective

Alisa is a yoga and meditation teacher, writer and cultural scientist. Alisa used to live in Mexico where she studied Latin American studies and drama, as well as learned from different indigenous cultures. Alisa  is the founder of the non-profit organisation YOGA FOR OTHERS e.V. bringing yoga and meditation to people in need.
In 2016, she co-founded Soneiro Collective

What is your morning ritual? 
When I am in my garden I first walk barefoot out the door on the wet grass and feel the morning sun on my face. I check on the plants and water a few of them, this is actually my first meditation in the morning. I meditate for 20 minutes, make a coffee and a few times a week I go for a run. When I am in the city, I light a candle on my altar and welcome the day by saying an intention out loud and what I want to invite into the day. Sometimes I practice an activating yoga flow.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?
Something rewarding for me is to know that my work is aligned with my values. To see that with my work I can help others. Many times it has happened that after a retreat for example, I get messages that people quit their job, moved to another city or completely changed their life. Of course, I never tell anybody to do such thing. I was asking myself what am I doing that people do these radical shifts and changes after joining our retreat or working with me? In the beginning, I was even scared for a moment since I felt so much responsibility. But through what they have told me and what I have noticed in the long run about those who did these changes, I can see that this was the right decision for their individual life path. I see it in their smiles, in their vitality and happiness.

What is something new that you’re excited to learn about?
Living with plants. Now that I have a garden I have a huge responsibility towards many plants and trees. I am fascinated and have studied a lot about plant medicine and made my own medicine here and there since my teenage years. But now I am also living with them and studying their rhythms. Making sure they have everything they need. I am also having an extended herbal medicine garden to make natural remedies. It’s a lot of work and an incredible field of study.

How do you find peace and balance when you’re feeling unbalanced? 
Since I have the garden there is no feeling of being unbalanced. Before I had the garden, whenever I felt unbalanced I would right away and when it was possible drop everything, pack my things and drive out into nature. I sing. I pray and find balance in rituals with the elements: water, fire, earth. Wind I have enough of already in the city. When something is emotionally intense I go deep into a feeling. I never numb any feelings. I just can’t. When something is present, I feel it in it’s fullness. I carry myself through it. And nature holds me.

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